We’ve gotten the foundation all poured and ready to begin framing. The stone retaining walls are set in place and rolls of grass seeds have been laid out to prevent the grading from sliding away with the spring rains.

The stone retaining wall looks fantastic and we’ve started rolling out the grass seeds on top of the grading that’s been finished.
The foundation has set up nicely and the grass seed has been rolled out right up next to it.
The grading looks amazing and with it all covered with the grass seed it’s going to be a perfect setting for the house.
This shows the last bit of grading going on right up to the top of the stone retaining wall.
This photo shows the septic tanks all buried and covered with the grass seed.

[wpvideo NrRGQiuE]

This video has a walk through of the gravel and grading with a foundation check.

A shot after the rain showing the gravel, poured walls and foundation all ready to go.
The rough plumbing in the foundation shows where the bathrooms and sinks will be located.

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