This home to be had a rocky start, being that the lot had an abundant amount rock that we dug up. As you can see some of it is being put to use in forming rock walls. We have gotten to grade the lot in preparation for the foundation to be poured. The view is going to be spectacular when he home is finished so stay with us to see it all the way to completion.

equipment and view
The dump truck being used in the grading process.
equipment grading
Equipment in use grading the lot.
The graded lot and the view that will be had.
leveling out for foundation
The graded lot looking towards the road.
lot grading
Another view of the lot towards the road.
rocks being saved to use as a rock wall
Some of the rock that was dug up and will be put to use in rock walls.
rocks shoring up the driveway
Rock walls being placed along the driveway.
The beginning of the grading process.



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