We’ve got cabinetry, tile, stonework and metal roofing being installed. The house is becoming a home with every touch of design.

The contrasting white and pepper cabinetry in the kitchen is being installed.
The built-ins for the living room have been installed as well.
3-flagstone on entry porch
The flagstone for the front porch is getting set.
4-T&G for the screened-in porch
The T&G has been stained and is now being put up on the screened-in porch.
5-metal awnings over windows and entry way
The front of the home really looks great with the metal awnings, cedar shake and stone.
6-tile flooring going down
This bath will have gray toned brick paver style tiles.
7-hexagon tile in another bath
The hexagon tiles are lovely.
8-Screened-in porch fireplace getting stone
The exterior fireplace on the screened-in porch has all of its stonework completed and is ready for the mantle.

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