The main level is getting framed now. You can really see the layout of the home and begin to see it as more than a prep site for a house. The doorways and windows help you to see where rooms will go and the view that they’ll have when we’re finished.

Foreman onsite
Our foreman onsite checking out the main floor framing as it goes up.
Main floor framing 1
Doorways and walls taking shape.
Main floor framing 2
Framers really working hard.
Main floor framing 3
The main floor taking shape.
Main floor framing 4
Exterior walls getting plywood over the framing.
Main floor framing 5
Framing the doorways on the main level for exterior access.
Main floor framing 6
Framing going on for the main level.
Main floor framing 7
The main level has begun to take shape with framing.

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