Final details are being wrapped up and this home is almost ready for the home owners to move into. Wood work on the exterior is being stained, hardwood is being polished, stone work is getting wrapped up and concrete has been poured for the paths and driveway.

1-exterior staining
The exterior wood work is getting stained.
2-great room into dining
The interior hardwood flooring is beautiful as you can see in this shot from the great room into the dining room.
3-front columns and stone
The front columns are all finished with stone bases.
4-walking path under construction
A walking path is being constructed from stone.
5-retaining walls with stone
The retaining walls are covered with stone.
6-pathway poured
The pathway to the dock has been poured.
7-front pathway stone
The front path has beautiful stone work.
The driveway has been poured.

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