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all of the interior cabinetry has been installed. 
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Little Lightwood-Hartwell-14

Tile, wood work and all the finishing details are being added.
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We've got cabinetry, tile, stonework and metal roofing being installed
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Rippling Cove-Keowee-14

The white oak timbers are on site and ready to be installed.
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The house has gained all the defined spaces that make it a unique home design.
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Little Lightwood-Hartwell-13

The cabinetry has been installed, the walls primed and painted and now all the granite is in. These countertops look gorgeous.
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This home is getting all the touches that begin the transformation into becoming a true home with shingles on the roof, siding and stone on ...
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Rippling Cove-Keowee-13

We've got the garage being framed and tied into the home framing.
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HVAC, electrical and plumbing are installed. The siding is in place along with columns awaiting stone.
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Little Lightwood-Hartwell-12

The drywall is fully installed and has been primed and painted. Cabinetry, railings for the deck, tile and stone on the fireplaces are being installed. ...
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