Rippling Cove-Keowee-14

The white oak timbers are on site and ready to be installed. They make a huge impact on the design of this home and will be gorgeous. Check out the following to see how they go up and stay in place.

Large white oak timbers set up to be trimmed to fit perfectly.

[wpvideo PnA10us7]

A walk around showing where the timbers will be installed and the steel posts that will hold them in place.

[wpvideo 6oQzufVM]

The set up of the timbers framed together to make arches that will be flown by a crane to place them.

Trimming the timbers to fit together.
Installing the timber onto the steel posts for a secure hold.
Large timbers being slotted onto the steel posts and a shot of the assembled arches.
A large beam being flown by a crane.
An arch being flown by the crane.

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