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The house has gotten the finishing touches. Crown molding, tile, a garage door and the finishing stain on the T&G.
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Little Lightwood-Hartwell-19

The home is getting all the finishing touches before the owners get to move in.
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This home is getting stained beams and other wood work, painted on the interior and exterior as well as lighting being installed.
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Rippling Cove-Keowee-19

The home is getting more stone installed on the exterior, the chimney, an exterior staircase and some floors.
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The house has gotten a glamorous addition with all the beautiful granite.
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Little Lightwood-Hartwell-18

The home is getting painted both on the exterior and the interior.
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The home is getting more stone details, wood trim, a barn door and tile installed.
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Rippling Cove-Keowee-18

We've got sheet rock going up, doors being installed and more stone work going on.
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Wood and stone on the exterior, T&G for the ceilings and tile in the master bath.
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Little Lightwood-Hartwell-17

This home is getting the finishing custom touches the really define the house as a craftsman home. The wood for the trim, stairs and beams ...
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