Please forgive me, I mixed up two of our homes. Here is the Rippling Cove-Keowee-18. We’ve got sheet rock going up, doors being installed and more stone work going on. This home will be spectacular once we’ve gotten everything installed.

1-sheetrock hanging

Sheet rock going up and creating walls and a tray ceiling in this room.

2-protecting the beams in prep for painting

All the beams are wrapped to protect them from sheet rock dust and paint.

3-stone for the exterior

Stone being installed on the exterior for columns.

4-muding the seams

Applying tape and mud on the seams between the sheet rock to create a smooth finish once painted.

5-HVAC install

HVAC being run.

6-ext door install

Installing the doors.

7-stairs being built for deck

This is the frame for the exterior stone steps.

8-ext stone

Stone work ongoing for the exterior of the home.