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The poured walls are getting waterproofed, septic plumbing is being run and grading is going on. The site is starting to look like a home will be here and the rock is being put to good use in building walls around the property to hold up the soil and make it look nice.

[wpvideo jGOwxGqv]

The poured walls are marked for the waterproofing to be put on.

[wpvideo NmfLKzkH]

Showing more of where the poured walls will be getting the waterproofing layer added to them.


Grading on the lot right up to the poured walls. A very neat and tidy job has been done here.


This rock wall is made up of the rock that we dug out to make a level area to build this home in.


Beautifully graded driveway for this home to be.


Here you can see the waterproofing that has been added to the poured walls and the earth that’s being pushed back up to them for the main floor to be at ground level.

[wpvideo XT5ACviv]

This shows all the rough plumbing in place for the new house.

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