This house is receiving many of the custom craftsman touches that will make it unique. Shiplap, crown molding, T&G and interior trim in the stairwell as well as around all the windows, door ways and archways. Stone is being installed on the fireplaces to really add to the rustic charm to this home along with the beam work in place. We’re also installing the vanities in the bathrooms.

Installing shiplap on the walls

Using a jack to lift the oak beam into place

Installing wood trim and railings for the stairwell

Installing T&G ceilings on the patio

Crown molding is being put up all around the home

The fireplace on the patio is receiving stone work to complete the beautiful patio.

Vanities are being installed in the bathrooms

All the windows, doors and door ways are getting trimmed out. The large beam style adds a lovely rustic element.