The home is getting more stone installed on the chimney with the help of a crane. Slate and hardwood flooring are going in. The interior doors have been delivered and so has a large glass door for the lake side that took extra hands to get it inside the home.

1-interior door delivered

The interior doors have been delivered.

2-glass door delivery

A very large glass door is being delivered with many helpers to get it into the house.

3-slate flooring installed

Slate flooring is being installed.

4-wood flooring delivered

The wood flooring has been delivered and is now being acclimated.

5-corbels and wood trim installed

The wood trim and corbels are being installed on the exterior.

6-crane stone to roof for chimney

A crane is being used to get the stone to the roof for being installed around the chimney.

7-slate for porch

The porch is getting slate installed.

8-hardwood installed

The hardwood flooring is being installed.