The home is getting more stone installed on the exterior along with siding. Corbels are getting stained. T&G ceilings are going up as well. This home just continues to add-on the charm.

1-ext trim

The home is getting some of the exterior trim installed while we have a break in the rain.

2-more stone

The stone is still being installed all the way around the home.

3-staining ext trim pieces

The guys are staining the corbels before they get installed as part of the exterior trim.

4-stone and siding

The wooden siding is being installed above the stone.

5-T&G ceiling

The entry way is getting a T&G ceiling.

6-T&G ceiling stained

The guys are staining the T&G, it’s going to be lovely.

7-another T&G ceiling

Another T&G ceiling going up.

8-stone for entry

The entry is getting the rest of the stone installed.