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We’ve got garage framing and floor sheeting being laid down. The floor sheeting lets us see the spacious floor plan begin to take shape. The garage is being framed out and then we’ll beginning to frame the main level.

The floor trusses are completed and inspected so now we lay the sheeting on top to complete the flooring system.
The floor trusses are all set and now the sheeting is being laid out on top of those for the main level.
This shows another angle for the floor sheeting being installed. The view will be spectacular.
With the floor sheeting you can see more of the layout of the home taking shape.
From this distance you can see the whole main floor with sheeting in place and ready for framing of the main level.
Framing of the garage is going on during the same time period as the floor sheeting for the main level.
This is the staging of the white oak timbers for the main level.

[wpvideo V7P4AkJb]

An explanation of the floor trusses and the decking or sheeting for the floor system.


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