This addition has been slowed down by the massive amount of rain. We have gotten some progress. Demolition of cement block walls and framing for the new walls. Burying the new gas tank and getting the poured walls back-filled with gravel to allow for proper drainage once the slabs are poured.

We’ve gotten more demolition going on with removing block cement walls.
The interior space has been framed for the new walls.
The poured walls and all the rain created a need for the water to be pumped out before more progress could be made.
With the excess water removed we were able to back-fill with gravel to allow proper drainage once the slabs have been poured.
All the back-filling is complete and we’re waiting for some dry weather to pour the slabs.
The new gas tank has been connected and buried.
This photo shows a good view of the poured concrete walls.

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