This remodel will be converting the garage into a living space, installing new windows with transoms in the kitchen, living and dining areas, removing and old fireplace and adding a new one, adding an outdoor kitchen and a new car port.This is a look at the demo and beginnings of the job.

We’ve begun the demolition on the interior of the home.
This is the new concrete pad for the car port as we turn the garage into a new living area.
We’ve removed the garage doors in preparation for making this a wall with windows and a door.
The interior walls are stripped to the studs for HVAC and insulation to be installed.
The car port is being framed.
The floor joists are laid out and HVAC has been run to where the floor vents will be.
The car port has storage walled in and a roof.
The path between the house and the new car port has a sheltered walk way.

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