Dobbs Landing-Hartwell-1

We’re doing an addition to this home. Adding a two bedrooms, two baths, a garage and a deck. Please keep checking our blog for how it all turns out.

We’ve begun to grade the slope of the land. This is to make water drain as necessary and to flatten the area out for the new addition.
The poured concrete wall that will be up against the earth has been poured and we’ve gotten the rough plumbing and slab in as well.
The framing for the lower level has started.
The second level has now been framed.
The exterior walls are up and the rafters for the roof are in place.
The interior walls are being built. You can see the placement of rooms and doorways.
The front of the home is getting a makeover as well with a extension over the porch.
The roof has been shingled and we’re getting ready to start the siding.

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