The spaces we’re creating inside and out of the homes that we are building. I’m showcase a bit of everything from floor to ceiling as well as exterior touches to really make each home unique and inviting. The craftmanship and customer style make each space a new area to explore and take pointers from.

Lindy Lane Hartwell GA 30643-large-001-1-Exterior-1500x938-72dpi

Exterior done in a blend of stone and hardi siding with a shingle roof.

Lindy Lane Hartwell GA 30643-large-002-2-Exterior-1500x938-72dpi

Rear view of the home showcasing the deck and patio.

Lindy Lane Hartwell GA 30643-large-003-3-Kitchen-1500x938-72dpi

The kitchen with white and grey flecked granite on a combination of white and stained cabinetry.

Lindy Lane Hartwell GA 30643-large-004-4-Great Room-1500x938-72dpi

The living room with the fireplace and the focal point.

Lindy Lane Hartwell GA 30643-large-005-5-Great RoomKitchen-1500x938-72dpi

The living room and kitchen showing the loft over look.

Lindy Lane Hartwell GA 30643-large-007-7-Dining Room-1500x938-72dpi

The dining room with excellent views.

Lindy Lane Hartwell GA 30643-large-008-8-Screened Porch-1500x938-72dpi

The screened in porch and fireplace.

Lindy Lane Hartwell GA 30643-large-009-9-Stairway-668x1000-72dpi

A very beautifully trimmed out stairway.

Lindy Lane Hartwell GA 30643-large-010-10-Master Bedroom-1500x938-72dpi

The master bedroom with its own access to the deck.

Lindy Lane Hartwell GA 30643-large-012-12-Master Bath-1500x938-72dpi

Master bath with a large glass door shower and separate tub.

Lindy Lane Hartwell GA 30643-large-014-14-Upper Landing-1500x938-72dpi

The loft with extra sleeping space.

Lindy Lane Hartwell GA 30643-large-016-16-Upstairs Bedroom-1500x938-72dpi

A guest bedroom with unique ceiling lines.