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The spaces we’re creating inside and out of the homes that we are building. I’m showcase a bit of everything from floor to ceiling as well as exterior touches to really make each home unique and inviting. The craftsmanship¬†and customer style make each space a new area to explore and take pointers from.

This gorgeous home has an entrance to the paver stone driveway with stone bases topped with lit copper lanterns.
The front exterior is simply lovely. The mix of stone, metal and wood is very inviting.
The exterior stone on the entry archway adds charm and prestige to this home.
The copper carriage lantern above the stone arch is a charming touch.
The entryway features an large double french door surrounded with glass and stonework.
The entry way also features copper carriage lanterns and a T&G ceiling.
Above the garage is a copper cupola. The garage doors are sheltered by a metal roof held by wooden corbels.
The retaining wall is all granite that was dug up on site.
Above the garage doors are copper lights with a wide opening for maximum light exposure.
The granite steps led down the right side of the home to the lake. They add a grand element to the landscaping.
The rear deck and patio have gorgeous stonework and iron railings.
The lake storage doors give wonderful access to all the water toys and look great in the dark wood.

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