These are some of the spaces we’re creating inside and out of the homes that we are building. I’ll showcase a bit of everything from floor to ceiling as well as exterior touches to really make each home unique and inviting.

Disher Lake House-large-002-2-Exterior-1500x938-72dpi

Rear view of the house as seen from the lake.

Disher Lake House-large-003-3-Exterior-1500x938-72dpi

View before all the foliage was in.

Disher Lake House-large-005-5-Deck-1500x938-72dpi

Lovely deck overlooking the lake.

Disher Lake House-large-009-9-Living Room-1500x938-72dpi

The living room with a great view.

Disher Lake House-large-010-10-From Kitchen-1500x938-72dpi

The living room as seen from the kitchen.

Disher Lake House-large-011-11-Kitchen-1500x938-72dpi

Gorgeous granite countertops in the warm kitchen.

Disher Lake House-large-014-14-Outdoor Dining-1500x938-72dpi

Screened-in porch for outdoor dining.

Disher Lake House-large-018-18-Bedroom-1500x938-72dpi

Guest bedroom.

Disher Lake House-large-019-19-Bath-1500x938-72dpi

Slate tile flooring in a rustic guest bathroom.

Disher Lake House-large-020-20-Bath-1500x938-72dpi

Master bath with slate flooring and shower tile.

Disher Lake House-large-021-21-Upper Landing-1500x938-72dpi

Relaxing loft balcony outside the master bedroom.

Disher Lake House-large-022-22-Master Bedroom-1500x938-72dpi

A warm inviting master bedroom.