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This addition is being framed, having windows and doors installed, the HVAC installed and the soffit being added to the roof tie-ins.

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Lightwood 2-Hartwell-1

We’re starting another addition.

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Rue Cezzan-Hartwell-5

This home addition is receiving trim for the new doors, tile for the floors and showers, cabinetry in the kitchen and baths, beams on the ceiling as well as stone for the fireplace.

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The tile for both floors and showers is going in. Beams are being prepped for install. Walls are being prepped for paint and custom shelving is being built.

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The concrete has been poured and framing has begun on this addition.

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Rue Cezzan-Hartwell-4

The addition is getting insulation, drywall, paint and more stone for the exterior.

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We have T&G going in as well as tile. Windows and doors are getting trimmed out and the drywall is being completed.

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The rain and cold have kept us a bit slow on this addition but we’ve got footers poured and are prepped for the slabs to be poured as soon as the weather is both dry and warmer. You can’t pour concrete when it’s too cold or it won’t set up correctly.

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Rue Cezzan-Hartwell-3

The addition is becoming a true part of this home.

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This home is having everything from stonework, drywall, metal roofing, T&G and even a waterfall feature installed on the pool added to it.

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