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Little Lightwood-Hartwell-8

The framing is all set and now we're insulating and getting all the plumbing finished up.
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The house has footers poured now.
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Rippling Cove-Keowee-8

We're working on the final framing of the basement with white oak timbers being delivered and trimmed for install. The main level will be started ...
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The main level is getting framed now.
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Little Lightwood-Hartwell-7

The roof is going on now along with installing windows. The exterior trim is also starting to go up.
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The poured walls are all waterproofed and set. We've got rough-in plumbing all run and we've back-filled the entire area with earth.
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Rippling Cove-Keowee-7

Framing of the basement and burying of the septic tanks has given the landscape a finished look. The views are spectacular.
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The basement is all framed with the floor for the main level above. The main level framing is going up and you can see the ...
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Little Lightwood-Hartwell-6

The second story is taking shape. Framing and exterior walls are almost finished
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This site is really starting to become a home construction area
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